Tendon vs Ligament: What’s the Difference?

Tendon vs Ligament: What's the Difference?

Two types of soft, fibrous connective tissue in the body that support muscles and bones are known as tendons and ligaments. What’s the difference between a tendon vs ligament? The easiest way to remember the difference between tendons and ligaments is fairly simple: Ligaments attach a bone to a bone Tendons hold a muscle and … Read more

Top of Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Top of Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

It might sound ridiculous to say, but it’s certainly true: our feet carry us wherever we go. Depending on our age, our feet have walked or run hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of miles over the years. Rarely do we think about the complex structure of bones, tendons and muscles until there’s an injury … Read more