Bicep Tendonitis Treatment and Symptoms (Biceps Tendinitis)

Bicep Tendonitis Treatment for Biceps Tendinitis Symptoms

Bicep Tendonitis is an injury that is common among athletes who perform an overhead throwing or pulling motion found in football, baseball, weightlifting, gymnastics, and swimming, among others. The bicep muscles, located at the font of the upper arm, are crucial for movements that involve raising the arm or bending it at the elbow. The … Read more

Turf Toe Injury Treatment, Symptoms and Recovery

Turf Toe Injury Treatment, Symptoms and Recovery

Most people don’t give their big toes a lot of thought. However, the importance of these digits, in what’s referred to as the plantar complex part of the foot, becomes much more clear with a condition like a turf toe injury. The primary function of the big toe is to help disperse body weight through … Read more