Lumbago Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Low Back Pain

Lumbago Low Back Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatments

Lumbago symptoms of low back pain are quite common and estimated to affect approximately 80 percent of adults at some time in their life. The underlying issues that can lead to low back pain are often complex and difficult to diagnose and will be quite different than the causes of something similar like upper left … Read more

Cervical Pain in the Neck Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Cervical Neck Pain Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms

Cervical pain is quite literally and figuratively a pain in the neck. Not only does it produce physical pain, but it also makes it difficult to sleep, and challenging to perform normal daily activities. The complex system of nerves, joints, bones, muscles, and other soft tissue that make up the neck and cervical spine all … Read more

Upper Left Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Upper Left Back Pain Causes and Treatment

For anyone who has ever experienced upper left back pain, they understand how annoying and irritating it can be. Let’s be honest, dealing with body pain of any kind is never pleasant. It can be disconcerting when we experience, spontaneous or unexplained aches and pain in the body, especially in an area like the back. … Read more

A Solution For TMJ – Treating TMJ With EPAT Shock Wave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy for Treating TMJ

By Dr. Adam Wagner, D.C. There are quite a few possible causes for the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or the jaw joint to be painful. It can have to do with improper posture of the head. It can often happen from malocclusion, misalignment of the teeth. It can happen from those two things, and the possibility … Read more