Shockwave Therapy for Tendinopathy: Evidence-Based Practices

Tendinopathy, characterized by pain, swelling, and impaired function of tendons, presents a significant challenge in both sports medicine and general orthopedics. Conventional treatments often yield limited success, prompting the exploration of alternative modalities. Among these, shockwave therapy has emerged as a promising intervention for tendinopathy, backed by a growing body of evidence supporting its efficacy. […]

9 Most Common Basketball Injuries

There are many common basketball injuries that can sideline a player temporarily, or even worse, for the entire season. Some have even ended careers. From professional athletes, all the way down to players in a pick-up game and young hopefuls that might suffer college basketball injuries on their way to the pros, the game of […]

8 Most Common Golf Injuries and 6 Treatment Methods

Understanding the most common golf injuries can help those who love playing the sport prevent an injury before it ever happens, or know what the most effective treatments are for a faster recovery. From an outsider’s perspective, golf may seem like a sport that comes with little risk of injury. It is after all, a […]

Bicep Tendonitis Treatment and Symptoms (Biceps Tendinitis)

Bicep Tendonitis is an injury that is common among athletes who perform an overhead throwing or pulling motion found in football, baseball, weightlifting, gymnastics, and swimming, among others. The bicep muscles, located at the font of the upper arm, are crucial for movements that involve raising the arm or bending it at the elbow. The […]

Golfers Elbow Treatment and Symptoms (Medial Epicondylitis)

Golfers Elbow, medically known as Medial Epicondylitis, is a condition that can lead to inflammation and soreness where the forearm tendons and muscles attach to the bone, causing inner elbow pain similar to Pitchers Elbow. The pain from golfer’s elbow can range from mild to intense, and it may even radiate down the forearm and […]

Pitcher’s Elbow: Outer & Inner Elbow Pain Symptoms & Treatment

Why does my elbow hurt? You might have Pitcher’s Elbow. Athletes of all ages and playing experience levels, including those who are simply returning to a more active lifestyle or taking up a new sport, are susceptible to a condition known as “Pitcher’s Elbow.” For younger players it is known as “Little League Elbow” or […]

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