What are the Most Common Softball Injuries?

Softball Injuries

When most people think of softball, whether it be recreational leagues played on the weekend, or much more competitive and demanding settings like Women’s Professional Fastpitch, the possibility of softball injuries rarely comes to mind until they happen. Even though many people consider softball a non-contact sport, it can still create serious demands on an … Read more

10 Common Soccer Injuries, Prevention and Treatment

Soccer Injuries Prevention and Treatment

Soccer injuries can occur from a single event like, colliding with another player, or may develop over a period of time. As an athletic event, soccer is one of the most beloved and watched sports around the world, and is played by everyone from the very young to the very old. Every four years, an … Read more

Overuse Injuries – Common Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are usually the last thing people think about until they happen. Instead, most of us are more concerned with an injury caused by an accident, like rolling an ankle, taking a fall and spraining a wrist, or lifting something too heavy and pulling a muscle. We are quick to forget that repetitive movements … Read more

Overtraining Symptoms and Recovery of Overtraining Syndrome

Overtraining Symptoms and Recovery of Overtraining Syndrome

Sports and fitness routines that are pushed to extreme limits can result in painful overtraining symptoms that may be caused by a condition known as Overtraining Syndrome. From professional and amateur athletes to people who live active, goal-driven lifestyles, physical training is a way to topple the next big challenge. The reward for all that … Read more

5 Common Skiing Injuries, Prevention and Treatment

Snow Skiing Injuries, Prevention and Treatment

As winter increases its grip on many parts of the country, dumping that powdery white snow on slopes beloved by skiers of all ages, it’s important to understand the most common skiing injuries, how to prevent them, and the best approach for treatment when they inevitably occur. Even the best of snow skiers know hitting … Read more

9 Most Common Basketball Injuries

Common Basketball Injuries

There are many common basketball injuries that can sideline a player temporarily, or even worse, for the entire season. Some have even ended careers. From professional athletes, all the way down to players in a pick-up game and young hopefuls that might suffer college basketball injuries on their way to the pros, the game of … Read more

Runner’s Knee and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Treatment

Runner's Knee and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Runner’s Knee is a broad term for a handful of conditions that often afflict runners, and is also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. It is considered one of the most common running injuries. However, non-runners are not immune to this condition. Anyone that lives an active lifestyle, works a physically demanding job, or has poor … Read more

8 Most Common Golf Injuries and 6 Treatment Methods

Most Common Golf Injuries

Understanding the most common golf injuries can help those who love playing the sport prevent an injury before it ever happens, or know what the most effective treatments are for a faster recovery. From an outsider’s perspective, golf may seem like a sport that comes with little risk of injury. It is after all, a … Read more

8 Most Common Running Injuries and 7 Ways to Treat Them

Running Injuries and Treatment

Running and jogging are two of the most accessible forms of exercise for all ages and ability levels, from amateur runners to high-level athletes. But as most runners know, almost everyone may eventually experience a number of common running injuries that can sideline them and require some form of treatment. While it’s an excellent form … Read more

What are the Most Common Baseball Injuries?

Baseball Injuries

It’s important for both amateurs and professionals to have an understanding of the most common baseball injuries to stay healthy and avoid missing games. Baseball rarely tops the list of the most dangerous sports. Aside from an occasional bench-clearing brawl, players aren’t usually tackling each other like in football or ramming opponents against the boards … Read more