What Physicians Are Saying About EPAT Therapy and Shockwave Treatment

World class physicians and health care professionals are realizing extraordinary results with STORZ Medical EPAT Therapy and Shockwave Treatment while experiencing world class service and support from Medical Wave.

Improved patient outcomes, increased revenues, new patient acquisitions and extraordinary results are just a few things world class physicians and healthcare are professionals are experiencing.

“Pressure Wave is diabolical in its treatment of Planter Fasciitis, it is excellent. It has increased my practice income and…

Dr. Nicholas Pagano Podiatrist, Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle

Doc Image Possible For Testamonial 1“20 Years of Pain Completely Gone in 2 Minutes! What a relief! I cannot thank Medical Wave enough for introducing me to the STORZ Shockwave system and would, without any hesitation, recommend this wonderful technology to anyone who had suffered as long as I had. Please give Medical Wave and their STORZ Shockwave system consideration above all others. What a small miracle!”

George F. Moricz , MD, User of Medical Wave Shockwave Technology

“You really need to check out the Storz Pressure Wave technology because the results are stunning, and I am not…

Dr. J. Adam Wagner, Chiropractor, Wagner Integrative Therapies

“I found that Storz Medical has the best device out there, it is the one used by my colleagues who…

Dr. Scott Duke, Chiropractor, Duke Chiropractic

“I got the Pressure Wave machine, it is the most incredible machine I have had for the practice it gets…

Dr. Derek Taylor DC, Taylor Chiropractic and Laser Center

”It is something worth purchasing and I am glad I pulled the trigger on it. The device is as good, as it gets.”

Dr. Naota Hashimoto DC

Todd Johnson
“We have been utilizing Medical Wave’s EPAT/Shockwave technology from Storz since 2017 and have had amazing evidence-based results, with our patient care. Most importantly, we are using this non-invasive treatment to stabilize our patients, without the use of cortisone, pharmaceutical dependency, or unnecessary surgical procedures.”

Todd D. Johnson, DC, FASA

“The Beauty of this technology is that it is very simple and it works.”

Dr. Robert Gordon, Orthopedic Surgeon

Shockwave Models

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.50 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.55 mJ/mm2

Oscillation Frequency 100-300kHz.

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.34 mJ/mm2

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