CHIROPRACTOR DR ADAM WAGNER Wagner Integrative Therapies

Meet Dr. Adam Wagner

Dr. Adam Wagner of Wagner Integrative Therapies is a Chiropractor in Doylestown PA practicing for nearly 38,000 hours.

Dr. Wagner’s experience is chiefly in integrative & multidisciplinary pain management working very closely with acupuncture, physical therapy, anesthesia/interventional pain management, family medicine, neurology and rheumatology medicine practitioners.

He specializes in combining diagnostic skills, functional assessment, nutritional pain assessment (when needed) and treatment.

Dr. Wagner utilizes EPAT also known as Shockwave Technology  (ESWT) in his practice to treat a number of different conditions ranging from, neck pain, back pain, foot pain, TMJ and more.

We had the opportunity to interview him about using EPAT Shock Wave Therapy as a solution for treating TMJ.