Dr. Scott Duke, Use of EPAT in Chiropractic Care and Sports Medicine

We recently added Storz Pressure Wave to the practice because we found that it accelerates the healing process. It breaks down the scar tissue, creates an analgesic effect and creates new blood vessel support.I found that Storz Medical has the best device out there, it is the one used by my colleagues who work with professional sports teams, and they couldn’t recommend it enough.

I am a Chiropractic Sports Physician who works with world class runners and also with medical providers in mainstream healthcare to deal with patients with spinal pain, athletic injuries, musculoskeletal disorders and disability.

Dealing with patients who have chronic tendon and pain issues, is challenging. The fact that the pressurewave therapy has an analgesic effect by resetting pain patterns,is something very valuable that you could offer to your patients.

Word has spread pretty quickly that my patients have experienced great outcomes and new patients want to come in because they want to avoid injections and anesthesia and surgical intervention.

I am located in Midtown, Manhattan. My patients are very demanding. If they don’t get results, they’re never coming back. Storz Pressure Wave from Medical Wave provides me what I need to successfully treat them.

For doctors who use their hands as medicine this is a very valuable device for them to add to their practice.

Chiropractor, Duke Chiropractic

July 27, 2016