George F. Moricz, MD

20 Years of Pain Completely Gone in 2 Minutes! Success Story by George F. Moricz, MD What a pleasure meeting Medical Wave representative Gianni. On the surface, I was sharing a troubled area involving my back which extended from my left shoulder and left lower ribcage to the spine. Within minutes of explaining this problem area, he offered to help.

Within 2 minutes of using the STORZ Shockwave machine on this area, he reassured me that that’s all it took.

At first, I was a little skeptical and asked him did he not have to work a little deeper and harder in the area and possibly longer? He very patiently reassured me that the treatment was DONE !

The next few nights I had no need for wearing any pain patches on the area, use of electro-muscular stimulatory unit, and certainly no more need for my OTHER Shockwave system which is well known and used worldwide.

”What a relief!” I cannot thank Gianni enough for introducing me to the STORZ Shockwave system and would, without any hesitation, recommend this wonderful technology to anyone who had suffered as long as I had.

Believe me, I had tried everything under the sun from chiropractic, acupuncture, to every known device and topical agent to this area.

Please give Medical Wave and their STORZ Shockwave system consideration above all others.