Not all pressure wave devices are the same. Medical Wave provides “Storz”, the world’s most advanced pressure wave technology to leading healthcare professionals specializing in a wide variety of medical disciplines including; Orthopedics, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Pain Management and many others.

Review the Physicians’ Gallery to find and learn about the world class physicians that are successfully utilizing “Storz” pressure wave therapy. Contact us to find a physician near you.

Chiropractic Dr. Adam Wagner Wagner Integrative TherapiesLink to Profile
OrthopedicDr. Laurie L Glasser Orthopaedic Institute of Central JerseyLink to Profile
PODIATRYDr. Allison Cheney Dr. Allison Cheney Podiatry Link to Profile
PODIATRYDr. Nicholas Pagano Dr. NicholasPagano Podiatry/Sports Medicine Link to Profile
CHIROPRACTIC/SPORTS MEDICINE Dr. Scott Duke Dr. Scott Duke Chiropractic /Sports Medicine Link to Profile
PODIATRYDr. Jordan Steinberg Dr. Jordan Steinberg Podiatry Link to Profile
CHIROPRACTIC/SPORTS MEDICINEDr. Justin Southall Dr. Justin Southall Chiropractic /Sports Medicine Link to Profile
CHIROPRACTICDr. Neil Scharf Dr. NeilScharf ChiropracticLink to Profile
CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Victor Verlezza New Jersey Spine and RehabilitationLink to Profile
PODIATRY Dr. Nicolas Romansky Healthmark Foot and Ankle Link to Profile
PHYSICAL THERAPY Mike Manzo, MPT Atlantic Physical Therapy Center Link to Profile
ChiropracticDr. Mike Orefice Active Health LLCLink to Profile
ChiropracticDr. Kyle Brotherton AlignOKLink to Profile
ChiropracticDr. Binh Nguyen Cedar Chiropractic and SportsLink to Profile
ChiropracticDr. David Wade American Back InstituteLink to Profile
PodiatryDr. Matt Heilala Alaska Foot and Ankle SpecialistsLink to Profile
ChiropracticDr. Richard Carpenos New England Back and SpineLink to Profile
PodiatryDr. Ben Pearl Arlington Foot and Ankle Link to Profile
PodiatryDr. John F. Connors New York CityLink to Profile
Pain Management/Regenerative MedicineDr. Richard Gayles Nona Medical Arts Link to Profile
ChiropracticDr. Wade Darr Dakota Back & Neck ClinicsLink to Profile