Dr. Nicolas Pagano


Podiatrist, Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle

Dr. Nicolas Pagano, Pressure Wave Comments

I have a multispecialty podiatric medicine and surgical practice. I focus on sports medicine, pediatric, primary diabetic care, and foot and ankle surgery. I decided to utilize Storz Pressure Wave technology because of the option of avoiding anti-inflammatory steroids and because of my heavy sports medicine practice. It deals with a lot of sports medicine injuries and allows me to execute treatment while patients are in the office. Patients feel an improvement almost after the first treatment. I really love its ease of use.

The Medical Wave customer support has been fantastic, the training that I’ve received through them was great and they check in frequently.

This has really given my practice another facet of expertise. I’ve been able to increase my practice income through this device and I have increased my patient load because the results have been outstanding and word gets out. It has completely changed the way I practice medicine. Medicine is always changing and it’s fun to be on the forefront of it. I think that as a modality it should be incorporated into any podiatric practice.

Podiatrist, Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle July 27, 2016

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