Which Shockwave Therapy Machine Should I Use?

Shockwave Therapy Machine Medical Wave

Healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to shockwave therapy as a drug-free, non-surgical treatment modality for a wide array of soft tissue conditions. If you’re curious about integrating this technology into your practice, you may be wondering which shockwave therapy machine is best for you.

For over 70 years, STORZ Medical has been the industry’s pioneer, creating the best shockwave therapy machines on the market. These five shockwave therapy machines provide a full spectrum of solutions for healthcare professionals.


The most compact and flexible shockwave therapy machine for treating all standard indications. Ideal for outpatient treatment, the MASTERPULS® ONE was designed with an explicit focus on maximum ease of use, mobility, and efficiency. And because it is our most economic device, it is an excellent starter model.

The D-ACTOR Series

For the D-ACTOR 50, 100, and 200, all of the devices’ controls are integrated into the FALCON™ handpiece, allowing for uninterrupted use as practitioners can adjust settings without ever taking their eyes off the patient. Additionally, the handpiece’s »Skin Touch« sensor allows practitioners to trigger pulses by exerting slight pressure on the skin.

Practitioners can also deploy different transmitter heads to really target a variety of indications.

The D-ACTOR 50 is our smallest full-scale shockwave therapy machine. The D-ACTOR 100 adds even more power without compromising portability. And the D-ACTOR 200 boasts the most comprehensive care by combining shockwave, vibration, and cupping therapy.

DUOLITH® SD1 T-TOP »ultra«

The DUOLITH® SD1 T-TOP »ultra« generates focused shock waves for powerful non-invasive care specifically designed for heel pain due to chronic proximal plantar fasciitis. And like the FALCON™ handpiece, the SEPIA® handpiece has all the relevant controls built in and was designed with high-quality workmanship and optimized ergonomics.

Advance Your Practice With a STORZ Shockwave Therapy Machine

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