Why Shockwave Therapy Is the Most Effective Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite creates a lumpy, dimpled appearance on the skin, particularly around the thighs, hips, stomach, and buttocks. It is much more common for women than men and is present in 80-90% of post-pubertal women.

And while it isn’t physically harmful, it can impact mental health. In a poll of over 2,000 US women, nearly 60% said they felt judged for having cellulite.

For patients seeking the most effective cellulite treatment, recent studies suggest shockwave therapy may be the answer.

Treating Cellulite

Part of the challenge of identifying the most effective cellulite treatment is that the science behind the condition is conflicted. Cellulite’s appearance is caused by fat cells pushing the skin away from the underlying muscle. It is believed that because women have more fat cells than men, they are more susceptible.

And while reducing body fat can help, even the most physically fit people can still develop cellulite. Other contributing factors can include genetics, pregnancy, and age as the skin loses its elasticity.

Common treatments for cellulite include topical agents, ultrasound, and laser therapy, but these and more have shown only varying degrees of success.

The Most Effective Cellulite Treatment

Shockwave therapy is clinically proven to be an effective treatment option for reducing cellulite. And because it uses acoustic sound waves to increase metabolism and blood circulation in a targeted area, it relies on the body’s natural healing process, so there’s no need for drugs or surgery.

A study published in Dermatology Research and Practice evaluated the efficacy of shockwave therapy to treat cellulite in the gluteus and posterior of the thigh. Twenty-seven women completed 10 sessions of shockwave therapy.

Researchers evaluated participants at baseline, after six and 10 sessions, and then a follow-up three months after the last session. They noted significant improvements in the severity of cellulite, skin elasticity, and quality of life.

How to Leverage the Most Effective Cellulite Treatment

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