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Medical Wave provides America’s healthcare practitioners with the world’s leading Shockwave machines. Backed by decades of proven scientific research, shockwave therapy will elevate your practice and improve patient outcomes. Choosing Medical Wave ensures your access to our deep industry knowledge, solid business practices, and exceptional service.

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Expand your practice with MedicalWave

Many different health care disciplines can leverage shockwave technology
to improve outcomes for their patients.

What conditions does Shockwave therapy treat?


Improved for Plantar Fasciitis


Improvement for Calcific Tendonitis of the shoulder


Improvement for Tennis Elbow 
(Lateral Epicondylitis)


Improvement for Achilles


Relief for Myofascial Trigger Point


Improvement for Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee)


Improvement for Hamstring Injuries



Aesthetic and Skin Conditions

  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Cellulite

Shockwave and Biologics

Shockwave therapy enhances successful outcomes in treatments utilizing: 
• Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): A concentration of a patient’s own platelets
• Bone Marrow Concentrate: Regenerative cells contained within a
patient’s own bone marrow
• Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
• Amniotic Fluid

Veterinary Conditions


  • Bone healing
  • Elbow, Stifle, and Hip osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder Tendinopathies


  • Distal limb wound healing
  • Tendon and Ligament treatment 
  • Bone remodelling
  • Navicular disease

Current Shockwave Research

Shockwave therapy is a proven effective treatment supported by multiple double-blind, randomized, controlled studies, indicating up to 91% improvement with 84% success rate for numerous conditions.
See the reviews, research, clinical studies, statistics, and indications that provide insight into the wide range of medical conditions that are treated with Medical Wave devices.

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