Training with a Trailblazer in Shockwave Therapy

At Medical Wave, we understand that when you decide to offer shockwave treatment to your patients you’ll want to ensure that you and your team are expertly equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to provide best-in-class care. This is why our training program is led by Dr. Robert Gordon, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience, a thought leader, and one of the early adopters of shockwave therapy in North America.


Training and Support

Part of the Medical Wave difference is every new client has access to a virtual onboarding session within two weeks of purchase at no additional cost. Learn all the basics you need to get up and running in a small group class, perfect for answering your questions. 

Dive Deep with Dr. Robert Gordon's Expert-Led Masterclass

Dr. Robert Gordon isn’t just an instructor; he’s an inventor, researcher, and an absolute authority in Shockwave Treatment. He will guide you meticulously through every facet of shockwave therapy, from fundamental principles to advanced applications, ensuring you acquire both the knowledge and the confidence to provide top-tier care to your patients.

Shockwave therapy has redefined musculoskeletal treatment. Our core objective is to equip clinical professionals like you to fully exploit this transformative modality for patient care enhancement and clinic expansion. With Dr. Gordon’s insights into effective assessment, techniques, and best practices, you’re guaranteed improved and expedited outcomes. We understand that medical professionals, whether in orthopedics, rehabilitation, or athlete recovery, face unique challenges. Hence, our curriculum, enriched by Dr. Gordon’s vast experience, is meticulously tailored to resonate with and benefit your specific discipline.

Specialized Training Tailored for You

Our continuing education programs, curated and often led by Dr. Gordon, provide you with real-time access to the latest in shockwave therapy. No matter where you are in your shockwave journey, be it a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our courses are curated to cater to all.

Interested in private training? Contact Us for availability and costs.

Meet the Expert, Dr. Robert Gordon, MD FRCSC

Having introduced high energy shockwave therapy to Canada in 1998, Dr. Gordon’s credentials speak volumes. A retired Orthopedic Surgeon and past president of the International Society of Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy, his expertise is widely acknowledged. His interest in Sports medicine was perhaps influenced by a brief career as a professional tennis player; he holds a Diploma in Sports Medicine (CASM) and has treated many professional athletes. He remains a pivotal figure at the Institute for the Non-Surgical Treatment of Bone, Heel, and Joint Pain, is a regular chiropractic lecturer, a consultant for the Association of Tennis Professionals and Jockey Club, and an extensive writer and speaker on shockwave.

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