Aesthetic Medicine Cellulite Treatment

EPAT in Aesthetic Medicine

Outstanding, Effective Cellulite Treatment

Medical Wave is the leader in providing STORZ MEDICAL EPAT devices for use in aesthetic medicine.

STORZ Medical was the first company worldwide to successfully change the physical properties of shock waves in order to enable their effective use as pulsating acoustic waves in anti-cellulite treatment and body shaping.

The long-lasting effect of EPAT for use in aesthetic medicine has been confirmed by numerous scientific research projects and observational studies.

Our STORZ MEDICAL EPAT devices have set new standards in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Learn more

STORZ Medical EPAT Device for Cellulite Treatment

Studies & Literature

Read studies and articles about the use of EPAT for the treatment of cellulite and the use of this technology in aesthetics.

Cellulite Treatment Images

Before & After Images

See the outstanding results of treating cellulite with EPAT technology. View the gallery of before and after pictures.

EPAT Aesthetics Presentation

Want to know more about the use of EPAT technology for the treatment of cellulite?
Learn how it works and why it is so effective by reading the presentation.

EPAT Aesthetics Videos

Watch videos to see how EPAT can effectively treat cellulite.

Shockwave Models

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.50 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.55 mJ/mm2

Oscillation Frequency 100-300kHz.

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.34 mJ/mm2

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