Causes and Natural Treatment of Heel Pain

heel pain

By Dr. Jordan S. Steinberg, D.P.M

Heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis can have many different causes. One of them is by repetitive stress to the plantar fascia. People that are on their feet for long periods of time throughout the day, people that have very tight Achilles tendons or heel muscles and calf muscles are prone to heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

If you have high arches or very flat feet you are also prone to heel pain due to the pulling of the plantar fascia. People who are very active in sports and running also tend to suffer from heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis).

Another culprit are poorly fitting shoes, wearing of high heels, platform shoes or any type of shoe that puts extra stress, especially on the bottom of the foot over the plantar fascia and heel.

There is a natural approach to addressing heel pain and Planter Fasciitis called EPAT Therapy , also known as Shockwave Therapy ( ESWT). The best way to describe how the technology works is that it stimulates the body’s own natural repair mechanism, which can lead to a faster way of treating different types of pathologies.

It’s very hard to treat something that’s being aggravated on a constant basis by walking and normal everyday activities however, EPAT is an extremely effective treatment. When a patient has a condition for a long period the body or the area gets stale, where the body’s not really trying to fix it, but the patient is still experiencing pain and problems with the area. The great thing about EPAT treatment is that it causes the body to start working at the area again. It can turn a stale area into an active area where most of the other modalities are not able to achieve this.

Utilizing EPAT technology over the last five years I have seen patients respond around the 80% to 90% mark for certain types of pathologies. It’s one of those treatments that you can see the benefits and sometimes the patient experiences immediate pain relief. With other types of conservative treatment, you don’t get that type of response.

EPAT can benefit a lot of patients for several reasons. The treatment can be a quick fix on a problem that could be more of a chronic pathology. It is also good for patients that have exhausted all other treatments and are headed either towards surgery or other different routes that are more invasive.

A lot of people like a more natural approach to healing versus multiple injections and other different types of anti-inflammatory medications. EPAT Therapy, since it is noninvasive can really have a major effect on the healing process it is more of a natural approach to addressing heel pain and Planter Fasciitis

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