STORZ Medical D-ACTOR 200

The ultimate in comprehensive care, the STORZ Medical D-Actor 200 provides more ways than any D-Actor unit to care for your patients. 

D actor200

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KEY FEATURES of the STORZ Medical D-Actor 200

  • Compact design
  • Pioneering Single Frame Casing
  • Maximum mobility, can be easily carried anywhere
  • Built-in high-performance »Silent« compressor with time controlled condensate drain
  • All-new hand-controlled handpiece with innovative »Active-tip-control« display with pressure and frequency selection
  • Individual Parameter Setting (IPS-Control) for different indications
  • Combinable handpieces
  • Radial Pressure Wave Technology with various pressure transmitters
  • Oscillating D-ACTOR Technology for better myofascial trigger point therapy
  • V-ACTOR® vibration therapy: 1 – 50 Hz (optional)


Facts & Figures 
• ‘Easy’ transport bag 
• System weight: 9.5 kg 
• Extended frequency/power range: 12 Hz/5.0 bar, 16 Hz/4.5 bar, 21 Hz/4.0 bar

Pulse Frequency/Pressure 
• Radial Pressure Wave Therapy: 1 – 21 Hz/1 – 5 bar 
• Vibration Therapy (V-ACTOR®): 1 – 50 Hz/1 – 5 bar

Oscillating D-ACTOR Technology 
• For better myofascial Trigger Point therapy

‘Deep Impact’ Pressure Wave Transmitter 
• For the treatment of deep pain regions

‘CERAma-xTM’ Pressure Wave Transmitter 
• Elastic pressure transmitter for pressure wave technology

Shockwave Models

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.50 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.63 mJ/mm2

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.55 mJ/mm2

Oscillation Frequency 100-300kHz.

Energy Flux Density 0.01-0.34 mJ/mm2

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