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EPAT + Biologics

Game Changing Regenerative MedicineTreatment

The combined therapy of EPAT and Biologics takes Regenerative Medicine to the next level. When done correctly utilizing EPAT /Shockwave therapy in conjunction with safe,  pure tissue products can make a significant impact on the healing process and improve the quality of life for patients.

Why Combine

EPAT/Shockwave With Biologic InjectionsTreatment

  • EPAT/Shockwave breaks down scar tissue at the injection site.
  • Vascular tissue is more permeable for the absorption of a biologic.
  • EPAT Shockwave mobilizes stem cell recruitment to the treatment site.
  • Exosomes contain mRNA and miRNA (stem cell messaging signals).
  • Exosomes  “home” to inflammation, EPAT creates inflammation in order to recruit biologic back to the injection site for the 2nd & 3rd rounds of biologic activity.
  • It can increase the healing rate. 
  • More patients are looking for noninvasive techniques and alternatives to surgery.
  • EPAT & Biologics injections have compelling results as standalone treatments. When combined, the sum is greater than the individual parts.
  • Practices implementing combined EPAT/Biologics therapy stand apart by offering state of the art regenerative medicine tools.
Vascular Tissue EPAT Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine Treatable Conditions EPAT Biologics

Common Conditions /Treatment Areas For Combined EPAT/Biologics Treatment

  • Large joints (Knee, Hip, Shoulder & Ankle)
  • Chronic partial rotator cuff tears
  • Persistent partial tendon tears (Tennis Elbow)
  • Plantar fasciitis / Bone Spurs
  • Quadriceps and patellar tendon tears
  • Muscular tears
  • Meniscus and cartilage tears
  • Intervertebral disc, SI and spinal facet joints
EPAT Biologics Regenerative Medicine Therapy
What Are Biologics?

What Are Biologics?

A biopharmaceutical, also known as a biologic medical product, or biologic, is any pharmaceutical drug product manufactured in, extracted from, or semi-synthesized from biological sources.

The following are some types of Biologics that physicians are using in conjunction with EPAT/Shockwave Therapy for Regenerative Medicine:

  • Wharton’s Jelly : A tissue product derived from the human umbilical cord
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): A concentration of a patient’s own platelets
  • Bone Marrow Concentrate: Regenerative cells contained within a patient’s own bone marrow
  • Amniotic Fluid: Derived from fluid surrounding a fetus in pregnancy.
Regenerative Medicine Specialist Saadiq El-Amin

“Shockwave therapy is really growing because it has the ability to help with the healing process, increase blood flow, opening up the channels that allow the cells to be introduced into whatever you put in that area. It’s a great one-two punch combination. If you can open up the channels with EPAT /Shockwave increasing blood flow to the area kind of starting the inflammatory cascade of healing and then come along with Biologics it is like the perfect storm. We know it works and we know that EPAT/Shockwave therapies have been shown to help stimulate the cells to grow and to heal and help with the healing process, it’s a win, win.”

Saadiq El-Amin, MD, PHD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine Specialist

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