9 Most Common Basketball Injuries

Common Basketball Injuries

There are many common basketball injuries that can sideline a player temporarily, or even worse, for the entire season. Some have even ended careers. From professional athletes, all the way down to players in a pick-up game and young hopefuls that might suffer college basketball injuries on their way to the pros, the game of … Read more

Myofascial Release For Trigger Points Using Shockwave

Myofascial Release For Trigger Points Using Shockwave

Myofascial Release is form of therapy that targets trigger points that can cause myofascial pain syndrome or tension throughout the body. While myofascial release can be an effective form of treatment on it’s own, it can be enhanced even further through the use of Shockwave Therapy. It’s important to breakdown each of these components to … Read more

Runner’s Knee and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Treatment

Runner's Knee and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Runner’s Knee is a broad term for a handful of conditions that often afflict runners, and is also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. It is considered one of the most common running injuries. However, non-runners are not immune to this condition. Anyone that lives an active lifestyle, works a physically demanding job, or has poor … Read more

8 Most Common Golf Injuries and 6 Treatment Methods

Most Common Golf Injuries

Understanding the most common golf injuries can help those who love playing the sport prevent an injury before it ever happens, or know what the most effective treatments are for a faster recovery. From an outsider’s perspective, golf may seem like a sport that comes with little risk of injury. It is after all, a … Read more

Are Cortisone Injections Bad For You? (Steroid Shot)

Are Cortisone Injections Bad For You? (Steroid Shot)

For years, getting a steroid shot (corticosteroid) to treat pain and injuries was a common practice used by many sports physicians. However, a lot of patients are now wondering are cortisone injections bad for you? Steroid injections definitely served a useful purpose at one time, and under certain conditions, are still called for. Now, though, … Read more

10 Opioid Alternatives for Pain Management Treatment

Opioid Alternatives for Pain Management

While much of the country has been caught in the grips of an addiction epidemic for over a decade, doctors and patients alike are pursuing prescription opioid alternatives for pain management as a safer means of treatment. When dealing with pain, whether it’s acute or chronic, long-term discomfort related to an injury or an ongoing … Read more

8 Most Common Running Injuries and 7 Ways to Treat Them

Running Injuries and Treatment

Running and jogging are two of the most accessible forms of exercise for all ages and ability levels, from amateur runners to high-level athletes. But as most runners know, almost everyone may eventually experience a number of common running injuries that can sideline them and require some form of treatment. While it’s an excellent form … Read more

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder that can disrupt the proper functioning of the system of nerves that extend throughout the body causing pain, numbness, or tingling in the extremities. The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), which connects the spinal cord and brain, notifies the body of physical sensations. This particular cluster of nerves serves the feet, … Read more

What are the Most Common Baseball Injuries?

Baseball Injuries

It’s important for both amateurs and professionals to have an understanding of the most common baseball injuries to stay healthy and avoid missing games. Baseball rarely tops the list of the most dangerous sports. Aside from an occasional bench-clearing brawl, players aren’t usually tackling each other like in football or ramming opponents against the boards … Read more

Baker’s Cyst Symptoms, Causes, Treatment for Popliteal Cyst

Baker's Cyst Behind Knee Popliteal Cyst

A Baker’s Cyst is a fairly common condition that is also known by the more technical term, popliteal cyst. Many people are surprised to learn that knee injuries, arthritis, gout, or other issues can be the cause of the fluid-filled sacs in the back of the knee referred to as a Baker’s cyst. Having a … Read more